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The best chew toys for your power chewer!

by Renee Jernigan 22 Jun 2022
The best chew toys for your power chewer!

Dogs like to chew. It's easier to train your dog to chew their toys instead of your favourite shoe, than it is to train them not to chew at all. When you have a collection of appropriate and interesting chew toys available to your dog, it'll be a lot easier to end destructive chewing. But what IS destructive chewing? Simply put, it's chewing that destroys things that shouldn't be. When your dog chews your basket, instead of their chew toy, that's destructive. Not all dog chew toys are created equal though, so be sure that you're choosing reputable chew toy brands that can't be ripped apart no matter their chew-level, and are safe and appropriate for the size of dog. 

The most important thing you can do to prevent your dog from destructive chewing is to have plenty of great dog toys on hand, and remember that while all dogs chew, it's your job as a pet owner to help your dog understand and learn that chewing their chew toy or dog bone is OK, but anything else is not. 

Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation and CHEWING is great for mental stimulation! Chewing requires a lot of focus, so chew toys and interactive dog toys are an excellent way to build your dog's brainpower!

For puppies and older dogs, chewing serves additional purposes, too. Chewing is one way for puppies to relieve the discomfort that they can feel with incoming teeth. Chewing for older dogs, according to ASPCA, is nature's way of keeping their jaw and teeth strong and clean. 

There are a number of reasons why you should encourage your dogs to chew more! They are: 

1. Chewing relieves anxiety and stress

There's a high chance that your dog will turn to chewing your throw pillow or rug if they don't have adequate chew toys and have learned the difference between their toys and your precious things! Dogs CHEW to relieve stress and boredom and chewing keeps them active and happy ... and when your dog is happy, they're a better dog to have around! A dog that behaves appropriately is a great dog - no excessive barking, or reckless chewing. We have discovered a brilliant collection of chew toys, and their power chewer toys, really do last for the power chewers! Check out our Tough Dog Toys and Chews collection - they'll absolutely love them! We've assembled some of the most durable, tough dog toys and chews we could find. Check out the range here!

Soda Pup collection for power chewers Let's Pawty

2. Chewing and puppies go hand in hand ... but they need to know when to stop!

Puppies explore the world with their mouths just like human babies do, and they pick up and chew anything and everything that's in sight and in reach. This can be super problematic, and also very dangerous. Get them appropriate puppy chew toys - take a look at our Puppy Gift Boxes in BLUE and PINK
Puppies also chew to relieve teething pain, chewing can be soothing. Chewing can also help soothe a puppy and some dogs just don't grow out of this way to self-soothe. It's not problematic, unless they're chewing the wrong thing!  

3. Chewing reduces cavity buildup

Aside from brushing your dog's teeth, chewing is another way to keep their teeth healthy and strong. In the absence of the two, there's a high tendency that your dog could have plaque on his tooth surface, which could lead to tough-to-remove tartar and other dental diseases. 

Your dog's mental and physical health are both important, and should be your top priority as the owner. There is nothing worse than spending money on dog toys and treats that don't stand up to the challenge of a power chewer. Check out our range of Tough Dog Toys and Chews that are durable, and fun to play with here!


Now that you've learnt the importance of chewing for dogs, it is safe to say that getting them their own collection of interactive chew toys is a must! Whether yours is still a puppy, or already a grown-up dog, chewing is an integral part of their day-to-day life. 

Chewing can also help you identify if your dog has health problems. How? If your dog loves chewing, but then suddenly stops and loses interest, it could be an indicator they are suffering from dental issues. Check with your vet if that happens. 

 Aside from the great chew toys mentioned here, you can also check this blog where we compiled other cool products for your dog. Click here to read!


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