must have eco friendly dog grooming products lets pawty sydney australia

Must Have Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Products

These products are too good not to share!
Dog grooming products just got a whole lot better with Byron Paws. We were searching for an Eco-Friendly range of dog grooming products for Gus and found this company and had to share with you their range of great products.
must have eco friendly dog grooming products lets pawty sydney australia
Here's what we learned and why we like Byron Paws.
Sustainable beauty care isn’t just reserved for humans. Byron Paws is a dog grooming & health brand from Byron Bay, that specialises in natural and eco-friendly products. They are passionate about reducing waste and picking the best natural ingredients for your pooch.

Here are some of the products that we love!

Dog shampoo bars - Gus approved!

Just like the human version, shampoo bars are the most sustainable option out there. The Calming Shampoo Bar and Outdoorsy Shampoo Bar are made of natural moisturising ingredients, smell gorgeous and has loads of lather. On top of that, their packaging can be completely burned and achieve their zero-waste mission.


Nose & Paw Balm
Has your dog experienced dry and cracked paws or nose? We treat Gus most nights to a spa experience with nose and paw rubs. We love the product is,100% natural and safe to lick. Byron Paws Balm contains Neem, , a powerful natural anti-bacterial that helps soothe and heal.
Suction lick mat - Gus loves peanut butter on his lick mat
We are lucky because Gus doesn't mind a bath but we know for a lot of dogs they are not so keen on bath-time. Byron Paws Lick Mat might be the perfect distraction. Stick it to the wall, spread your treat and keep your dog focused during washes.
Hemp Seed Oil
We didn't realise all of the impawtant benefits of Hemp. So what's all the hype about? Did you know, giving Byron Paws Hemp Seed Oil to your dog daily can help improve coat quality, arthritis, gut and digestion, anxiety and inflammation. And don’t worry, Hemp doesn’t contain THC, it doesn’t have any side effect.
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