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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

by Renee Jernigan 30 Jul 2021
5 ways to celebrate your dogs birthday lets pawty sydney australia


Dog birthday party celebration Let's Pawty Sydney



I think we can all agree that our dogs are always giving their best to us. What better way to show our appreciation, than by celebrating your dog’s next birthday or gotcha day. Our canine companions have become very impawtant family members and have been there with us through thick and thin. If you’ve been trying to come up with ways to celebrate your dog but are not sure where to start, keep reading, we’ve come up with some fun and easy ways to celebrate your dog.

One of the best ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday is by treating them to a new gift. What kind of gift would your dog like? With so many options to choose from we’ve included some of Gus our Cavoodle favourites.Top on Gus’s list is a new toy, especially if it's soft, plush and squeaks a lot just like this fun and colourful “Pinata Party” dog toy. A very close second is a ball for a good game of fetch, here is a great pack of fetch balls and even better it says “Happy Birthday”. Gus also loves interactive dog toys, a puzzle, snuffle mats, or even an interactive burrow toy all make great gifts and your dog can use these over and over for mental stimulation.

A great way for your pup to celebrate their birthday is by organising a play date with one or some of your dog’s best friends. It’s impawtant to ensure your pup’s playmates are well socialised with each other and it's recommended you choose a neutral location for your playdate to avoid any territorial issues. Always pay attention to the doggies to ensure all players are having a good time and appropriately playing with each other. Intervene if you notice any unwanted behaviour to avoid escalation which could end the play session early.

This is a great way for your pup to have a social outing, have fun and get in a good play session as well.

Another great way to celebrate your dog’s birthday could be to take your pup for a swim at a dog friendly beach or perhaps a fun bush-walk. Gus loves going to our local dog beach, Sirius Cove. He has so much fun swimming, ball chasing and of course rolling around in the sand ensuring we bring plenty of the beach home with us each and every time. The other option Gus loves is a bushwalk. Head out on one of their favourite tracks or perhaps explore a new trail. With so much to sniff and explore your dog will be entertained and stimulated as well. Winning!

A cake is another must have when we celebrate Gus. We consider cake a great luxury in life for us hoomans so why not for our furbabies as well. There are so many great DIY dog friendly cake recipes available online, like this recipe from RSPCA QLD. Easy, tasty and best of all your dog will love being spoiled with their very own homemade cake.


Baking not your thing? There are also great pet bakeries that have amazing dog friendly cakes. One of our favourite pet bakeries in Sydney is Woof Gateaux. Get ready for your mind to be blown at some of the beautiful and unique cakes this bakery is producing.

Finally, a birthday celebration is one of the best ways we can think of to celebrate your pup. That’s right, a dog birthday party! It’s a great way to get together and celebrate with some of your pup’s favourite fur friends. You could plan and organise the event yourself, this option can be fun for some, but others will find it overwhelming. Another great option is using an event party planning service for your dog's special day. Yep,you read that right! Dog parties that are themed, catered and even send goodie bags home with all the party puppers. Let’s Pawty is Sydney’s premier dog party planner. Our service was created with your pup in mind. We wanted to celebrate Gus, but for us, the only option was to plan and organise our own party. During our journey, we discovered it was time consuming and costly to buy props, make the food, buy the gifts for the goodie bags and it was a lot of work. If you and your pup are lucky enough to live in Sydney you’ve now got an option to celebrate your pup, doing it DIY or contacting Let’s Pawty for a pawsome party for your pup.

We hope you found our post enjoyable and it encouraged you to consider celebrating your dog’s next birthday. Gus would be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing on Facebook. Thank you!

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