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Behind the scenes with Renee, Claire & Gus!

by Renee Jernigan 31 Mar 2022
Behind-the-scenes with Renee, Claire & Gus!

Hello! We're Renee & Claire, the owners of Let's Pawty, we're based in Sydney, Australia, and while our pawties are for Sydney-siders, our products are shipped all over the country! Our Cavoodle, Gus, is the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) and lately we've moved our office out of the house, so he's deciding if he likes the idea of being COD (Chief Office Dog), too. So far, so good. 🐶😄👍👌

We know these past couple of years have been a bit of a debacle (and that's putting it mildly) ... from the fires, to the pandemic to the floods, particularly those up there in the Northern Rivers - we are thinking of you all! We've been donating to the ANIMALS (of course!) and have sent up a number of shipments of FOOD and care packages to get to the animals in need ... the footage that was reported in the news about the animals has been heartbreaking. If you're able to donate, there are many places needing your help.

We regularly get asked for our tips and tricks on dog welfare, and in particular lately we've been asked how we trained our Cavoodle, GUS, so from time to time we're sharing a behind-the-scenes blog post, so we can share the importance of exercise, fresh air and eating healthy plus other top tips!

Owning a dog can be seen as something fun and cute to do - we've all been caught up in the YouTube video's showing all kinds of hilarious dog antics, but once you become a dog pawrent, you realise there's a whole lot more to the job! Getting a dog, is no different to any new member joining the family, and take into account there'll be an adjustment period, settling in period, changes to the household routine, rules to learn, and toilet training!! Our pups need to be fed (healthy food and treats), exercised, and learn new tricks for survival. JUST LIKE HUMANS!

There are so many benefits to having a dog in your life, so once you've ascertained whether you can handle the extra time, money and energy that your new furrriend will take up, then the positives can be focused on! It's widely known that having a dog can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Dogs can also improve your cardiovascular health because they encourage you to get outdoors more and exercise on a daily basis as you walk them and play with them. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should get a dog if you don't have one already!


So, how did we train GUS? We started with the basic cues - what to do when called, loose-leash walking, how to sit, and how to lie down.


(1) Teach your dogs to come when called

The easiest way to do this is to sit with your puppy and call his name/say the word "come." After each time you mention the word "come" or his name, make sure that you give him a treat. Repeat it, so your pup is familiarised, and you can confidently toss the treat a little further. They love chasing! If your dog doesn't respond to you calling their name, just move a bit closer and try again.

Also, you can add a little fun to this by tossing a dog toy, such as a Dog Soccer Ball with Grab Tabs. It's fun and our furriends love this! Get one for your doggo now!


(2) Teach your dog how to walk on a loose-leash

Firstly, note that not all dogs love to wear a harness and walk on a leash. It takes time! One of our top tips is that each time you put their harness on, have a bit of cooked chicken (Gus likes freshly home cooked Chicken!) held through the harness so that your pup wants to put his head through to get it. Treats make all the difference!

Once they're wearing their harness and leash and they're standing beside you, take one step and encourage them to follow you by giving them a treat. We have a wide variety of edible dog treats that are pup-friendly. Check them out here!

(3) Teach your dog how to sit

There are two methods to do this but the easiest one is the capturing method. Stand in front of your puppy and say "yes" when he's about to sit, then give him a treat. Repeat this, or you can step backwards or sideways to cue your puppy to stand, and wait until he's about to sit again. After many times of repeating this method, you can already say "sit" instead of "yes." 

(4) Teach your dog how to lie down

This trick is almost the same as teaching them how to sit. When your pup's about to lie down, make sure that you give him a treat. Repeat this, then eventually say the word "down" when he's slowly getting your cues. 

(5) Get out into the fresh air 

It's so much easier training your dog when he's well exercised!! Breathing fresh air helps their metabolism, and allows more oxygen to enter all parts of their body; thus, making them more energetic. With GUS, whether it's rain or shine, we walk. He needs it, we need it, and it's part of our daily healthy lifestyle. Training your dog, and needing them to focus, is so much harder when they have pent up energy to burn. 

(6) Eating healthy foods only

Each dog is different. Some are fussy, some are easy, some are scoffers and some grazers ... some dogs will prefer a full dry-biscuit diet, and some may prefer to mix it up with some raw meat, veggies, and fish - it's up to you and your dog. BUT if you're going to treat them with raw meat, ensure that it's a human-grade meat. Some pet meats can contain preservatives that are not great for your puppy's overall health. When you want to feed them treats, we have an extensive range, and check out this post for a top treat tip! 

If ever you're unsure, or would like some advice, get in touch with your local vet and chat about a healthy diet for your beloved pup. 

Until next time, make sure you're following us on our socials, so you can join the pawty & chat! 

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