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5 Fun, Extravagant & Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Dog On Their Birthday

by Renee Jernigan 14 Feb 2022
Fun, Unique and Extravagant ways to celebrate your dog on their birthday, let's pawty

5 Fun, Extravagant & Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Dog On Their Birthday

What to do when you’d like to celebrate your dog’s birthday, but you’re not in Sydney …


Well, of course we’re open to you flying us around the country but if this isn't feasible, and the funds don't stretch that far, then we've compiled these ideas for other ways to celebrate your beloved pooches.


Dogs have become very impawtant members of our families, and the last two years have only increased this with an explosion of new dog owners. With isolation from family and friends, our dogs have cemented themselves into the hearts and couches of homes everywhere across Australia and the world.


So, we thought, why not share some fantastic ways to spoil the pup or pups who give you everything and ask for nothing in return- with fun, extravagant and unique ways to celebrate them on their birthday or barkday.


1)Dog friendly pubs- Take your pup to a dog friendly pub that caters to our furry friends and offers dog friendly options on the menu.  With the popularity of outdoor dining, more and more venues are seeing the impawtance of offering a dedicated space for our dogs.   

Welcome to the Thornbury in Northcote, Melbourne: Welcome to Thornbury is an iconic dog friendly establishment in Northcote for locals and visitors to relax and have a good time. With a huge open-air seating it is no wonder it is known as one of the most dog friendly pubs / bars in Melbourne. Some of the best food trucks in town take turns every week, usually with vegan options too.

Welcome to Thornbury is also a regular host for several doggie events such as Melbourne’s Tiny Dog Competition, Puppy Pub Crawl and many more. They also run plenty of other events ranging from Open Air Cinema to Hot Sauce & Chilli or Chicken Nugget Festivals.

Dog friendly All Nations Park (24h off leash) is only a few paw steps away, making it a pawfect Park & Pub combo to visit. You and your pooch will be guaranteed a warm welcome by the friendly stuff and other like-minded dog owners!


2) Dog friendly staycation- A unique and fun experience, take your pooch to a dog friendly hotel where they can have access to dog butlers, dog menus with in-room dining options, complimentary toys, gift bags, personalised collars and leads, and even dog photoshoots! Staycations have been very popular over the past two years and some hotels are going above and beyond to pamper your pet with carefully curated pet packages.

The Langham Hotel in Sydney has done a fantastic job of creating the ulti-mutt  Pet Pamper Staycation.  Some of the inclusions you can expect from the Langhman include overnight accommodation, pet afternoon tea welcome amenity and Pawesome Pet gift bag on arrival, and breakfast in bed for you and your pet.

We love that some hotels are embracing the impawtance of our dogs travelling with us instead of being left behind.


3) Private chef dinner- Try something a bit more intimate for your furry friend. Why not organise private chef to create a doggie degustation? Chefin in Melbourne chefs can create a multi-course feast to incorporate your dog’s favourite foods, cater for any allergies and can also include YOU in the celebration so that you and your pup can indulge together with a special celebratory meal. This will be a pup favourite for sure, relax and enjoy this experience in the convenience of your home. Some pawmasing creations include; Kangaroo Pasta, Doggie Ramen or even Lamb Liver Omelette just to name a few of the wonderful creations.


4) Organise a day of your dog’s favourite activities- Enjoying activities with your dog is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Our dogs are all unique and have certain activities they love and live for. Dedicate a day just for them to enjoy some of their favourites.


Does your dog love to swim? Organise a beach, lake or river day where there can frolic, run and play until they are exhausted.

Fetch, Tug, Hide-N-Seek:

If your dog enjoys a good game of fetch, tug or hide and seek. Head down to a local dog park and indulge your dog with all the games they love most.

Sniff Walk:

A long sniff walk can also be a great way for your dog to indulge on one of their favourite activities, SNIFFIING! Our dogs explore their surroundings with their noses PLUS it can be very relaxing and mentally stimulating for your dog. Let them guide you on a sniff walk and avoid the structure of a normal walks. The sole purpose of a sniff walk is to let your dog’s nose lead the way. 


5)Have a doggie catch up with your dog’s best furriends~
There’s nothing better than your dog having a play session with some of their best fur pals. Organise a doggie date with some furriends at a local park or a backyard and watch the fun begin. Let them run, sniff, and play. Always ensure you have plenty of water handy for the doggies, and snacks at the ready for the inevitable munchies. Supervise your dog while they are playing to ensure all furriends are not getting over-excited or over-stimulated to ensure everypawdy has a fun and enjoyable experience.
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