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The best must-have dog products for 2024

by Renee Jernigan 23 May 2024
The best must-have dog products for 2024 Let's Pawty blog

Ensuring your pup lives their best life possible! 

When our dogs are happy, and living their best lives, they fill our world with so much joy, love and positivity! I was recently talking to a friend who had rescued a dog from the floods in northern NSW  and she said, he's my shadow, he's never far from me ... and he's so incredibly happy. Knowing we're giving him the best life possible, especially after such a traumatic experience, gives us so much happiness

So with that joy in mind, we sat down and worked together with Gus (our CCO) and compiled the best, must-have dog products for 2024 so your pup can live their best life, too! 

We work supaw hard at sourcing the BEST dog toys, most delicious treats, and greatest accessories for your dogs, that are nutritious, fun, excellent quality and stimulating because our dogs are an important part of our families, and they deserve the best!

Here at Let's Pawty, we have everything you need from edible treats, designer dog toys, interactive dog toys, jewellery, bandanas, to pawty planning and hosting, and so much more! Learn a little bit about us through the video below!

The best must-have dog products for your pup for 2024!

Must-have dog products for 2022 Let's Pawty blog

(1) Dog Soccer Ball

Take play to the next level with your dog with their very own soccer ball! It's fun and would surely keep your dog entertained for hours. You can get a soccer ball + pump with a 20% discount if you use the code BESTBALL20 at checkout here!

(2) Travel Treat & Water Bottle in one!

Why buy a separate travel treat container and a water bottle when you can have them both in one? Introducing the On-The-Go Water & Snack bottle that's made with dogs in mind! Check out the mighty product here!

(3) Power chew toys

We've assembled some of the most durable, tough dog toys and chews we could find for you power chewer! See our collection here!

(4) Gift boxes (best variety and best brands)

Celebrate your dog's special day with a thoughtfully curated and styled gift boxes! We have everything you need for any occasions - birthday, gotcha day or any other special day! Check out the collection here!

(5)Let's Pawty Pinata Pride Celebration Dog Gift Box

If you have a dog who loves colourful and rainbows, this specially curated Piñata Pride gift box is exactly what you need! It's packed with colourful and fun dog toys and treats for serious FUN! Shop online here!

(6) Kangaroo Jerky

Introducing our Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treat - a healthy and delicious treat for your little pup! Made with healthy and lean Kangaroo, and it's suitable for puppies, adult, senior dogs, PLUS, our feline friends can safely enjoy too! Shop online here!

(7) Pink or Blue Puppy Boxes

Your pooch deserves the BEST! What better way to show how special and loved they are than with a puppy box that's personalised for them! With our Pink/Blue Puppy Box, we will add your dog's name to the box - making it supaw special. Shop the pink box here. Shop the blue box here!

(8) Designer dog bottles

Let your dogs play in style with their very own designer dog bottle toys! Our fun parody designer dog toys will have your discerning diva showing off with brands like Chewy Vuiton, Chewnel and Sniffany and Co. Check out the collection here!

(9) Burrow toys

With our Burrow toys collections, your pup can use the things that come with it, or stuff treats inside. Loads of fun and hours of entertainment! Shop your fave here!

Must-have dog products for 2022 Let's Pawty blog

Other cool dog products for 2024:

(1) Dog Jewellery

Accesorise your dogs whether you're celebrating at a party, or just celebrating life at home! Make every day a fun day and a photo opportunity. Check out our  Dog Jewellery range, and choose something glorious for that next occasion. Check out our Jewellery range here!

(2) Dog Party Hats

Time to step up your pup's party with our fun dog party hats and complete party decorations for the ultimate celebration Check them out here!  

(3) Rainbow Garden Snuffle Mat

Keep your dogs active and happy by giving them our Rainbow Garden Snuffle Mat. Snuffle mats provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dogs, and you can easily load the snuffle mat with treats or dry kibble, to keep them entertained for ages. Shop online here!

(4) Edible Dog Treats

Dogs need treats! For training, for rewards, for just-because! Our dog treat collection has been carefully selected using Australian manufacturers, and they're enriched with nutrients that your dog needs. See our selection, here!

(5) Interactive Dog Toys

Play is an IMPORTANT part of every dog's day. By providing stimulating dog toys, you can help fight boredom, reduce destructive behaviour, exercise your dog's mind and enhance your dog's problem solving skills. Shop your fave here!


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