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5 Reasons To Have A Dog Party

by Renee Jernigan 10 Jul 2021
5 reasons to have a dog party let's pawty sydney australia
birthday dog party celebrate Let's Pawty Sydney
Make new friends, two-legged and four-legged

Gifting your dog a celebration pawty is the perfect opportunity for you and your pup to make brand new friends, as well as to celebrate with old pals. Your dog will absolutely love the fun and excitement of running around and socialising with other dogs at home or a local dog friendly park, and you will enjoy having a chat with the other pawrents while watching your pup.
We couldn't think of anything better than a party puppy play-date!

 We bring the pawty to you!

Let’s Pawty is all about creating fuss-free fun. Sit back and relax as we create the scene and make your pup’s wildest dreams come true. There’s a whole range of themes to choose from, including Welcome to the Jungle, Under The Sea and Pawsome Pastel Princess just to name a few.There is also the opportunity to bring your own custom theme to life!

Choosing the location depends on your situation. We find some people who have the space in their backyard love the option of the pawty being held at home especially if they have a dog who finds dog parks and other public settings a bit overwhelming. While others choose to have their celebration at a local dog park because they may not have space at their home, it’s an easier option or the dog really enjoys the local dog park.


Memories that will last a lifetime.

Over the years, your dog has patiently watched you throw hooman party after hooman party, and wished they could join in on all the fun. It’s about time we let our pups have their own doggy fun, and make some memories for themselves! When you throw your fur baby a dog party with Let’s Pawty, you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Your pup deserves it.
Every day, your dog showers you with unconditional love, fearlessly protects you and your family from all kinds of harm (real and imaginary), and shows unmatched loyalty. They’re always there for you, whether it’s waiting at the door for you when you arrive home, or licking your face in the middle of a deep sleep. We believe that every pup is worth celebrating. We have three different pawty packages to suit what works best for your and your pup.
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