5 fun activities to do with your dog this autumn

5 fun activities to do with your dog through Autumn

5 fun activities to do with your dogs this autumn

Now that we've said adieu to summer, and autumn is upon us, we can watch this beautiful land transform into hues of orange, and gold as it slowly shifts into the cool breeze of autumn. Ummm ... that's if the rain stops here on the NSW east coast, which we're all hoping it does! 

What better way to experience this change of season than with your little fur baby, who's also needing that extra bit of fun like YOU! Getting OUTDOORS in the cooler weather is so much more pleasurable when you can do it with your furry furrriend(s) so enjoy this compilation of 5 fun activities that you can do together with your dog this autumn to enjoy the outdoors!

 1. Go for a walk

Mix up your usual walking routine, and try a new adventure ... head to a new park, wander down unknown streets, explore unknown trails, because that's not only fun for YOU but also something NEW is full of sensory delight for your pup!
Does your dog like apples? Do you like apples?! YES, APPLES! This weekend, try and visit a local orchard ... there's bound to be one not too far out of town from where you live. When you're back home, prepare some apple goodies that you can share with your doggo. According to pitpat, apple slices are great in cleaning your pup's teeth to keep them smelling fresh and cool.

 2. Go on a hike

Take your dog on a scenic hike to experience this fresh session at its finest. AND if you're feeling a little extra, style them! Get them wearing a bandana, or a crown or a hat! You're pup is sure to get a little bonus attention!  

Check out our beautiful dog crowns, hats, and bandanas here!

 3. Take some dog photos

The afternoon light is STUNNING this time of year (when it's not raining!!) so don't miss out on the great opportunities to snap some fun and creative shots of your pup/s. Whether you're outside walking, frolicking at the park or beach, in the backyard, or just at home playing, take out your phone (or camera!) and start snapping/shooting (as in taking photos of your doggo!) You can post your best shots and tag us @letspawty.au on Instagram and also use the hashtag #pupoftheweek to get a chance to be featured on our socials like the one below!



 4. Play games together

Exercise is an important factor in keeping your dog healthy and happy. Let them play games using interactive toys or teach them some fun activities like fetching. 

We have a huge collection of fun and interactive dog toys that your pup would surely love! Check them out here! One of our balls has been so popular since the day we listed it, and the feedback is consistently awesome. Check out this must-have interactive ball toy here - available in two sizes! 


 5. Learn some new tricks

Spice up your dog's autumn with some new fun tricks! It's a great way to bond with your dog even more, and to also stimulate them mentally and physically. If your dog already knows the basic tricks, such as stay, sit, and down, it's time to teach them how to roll over, shake hands, or even how to do a high five!

Interactive dog toys, Tough dog toys and chews, and boredom buster toys can definitely help you with that.

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